Share the Faith! Faith Lutheran Church - Marshfield, WI

Stewardship Mission Team

Where would we be if the Apostle Paul just sat around his dad's house, watching TV and working Sudoku puzzles?


We are all blessed by God with certain gifts: talents, money, family and friends, free time, and so on. You may not have every gift, but you have some. For example, the simple gift of encouraging others might be as precious in God's eyes as the widow's mite.

A "steward" takes care of something for someone else. As good stewards, we are to take care of our gifts from God - develop our talents, care for our bodies and our relationships, use our money and time wisely.

As God shares these gifts with us, we should share them with others. It's fine to sing in the shower, but better to use that voice to lift others' spirits in worship. It's fine to study God's Word for yourself, but wonderful to help kids grasp God's will in Sunday school. It's fine to sew a quilt for yourself, but make the next one to warm a shivering refugee.

Each fall Faith has a Stewardship drive - a time for each of us to consider sharing our gifts in the coming year. If you are looking for ways to serve now, see this year's form at the link below or talk with Pastor Gisele.